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About Us

Global Engineers Academy is ...

A private preschool that provides extensive, innovative, scientific, technology driven small group instruction. It is Hampton Roads' premier STEAM learning center for preschoolers.  Global Engineers Academy is the first preschool to combine instruction that caters to career & technical education, science, technology, engineering, arts and math.


Our students are fostered in an environment of rigor, investigation, exploration, critical thinking, analyzation, active learning, station learning and inquiry learning.

At Global Engineers Academy, we’re passionate about making our students feel secure, confident and motivated.  Our goal is to reach all children where they are and bring out the unimaginable!    

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide exceptional care to our students in an environment that promotes social & moral development, high-tech tiered instruction, rigor, differentiated learning and exploratory activities. Global Engineers Academy centers itself around delivering luxury facilities, small classrooms and low student to staff ratios. Global Engineers Academy's promise to parents is to provide outstanding childcare & customer service in a platinum facility with affordable rates.

"Leading the way to Excellence!!"

 Enrollment begins!
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